Behind the Camera

Living in this fast moving, digitalized world, a photo to me is still the most captivating way to tell a story. By leaving out the sound and the moving images, it forces you to think about the captured moment and raises your imagination.

Being a photographer for almost 5 years told me a lot about this thing that we call ‘life’ and about the people we’re sharing it with. Trying to capture the uniqueness and strength of every human being, every place on earth and every moment that’s happening right in front of your doorstep makes me feel free and independent.

While constantly being on the move, my work focuses on authentic moments, people in different places and surroundings.


Adidas Runners
André Hamann
Audi On Demand
Louis Darcis
Louis Vuitton
Nora En Pure
Nick Curly
OMR (Online-Marketing Rockstars)
Prinz Pi
Red Bull
Red Bull Leipzig
Simon Desue
Taynara Joy Silva Wolf
Universal Music